Tell it.

Task for my typography course – use the typography in another medium. I decided to create short funny spot and use materials all around... Have fun, and run :)
Video, ktoré som natáčala ako typografické cvičenie do školy...

Koncept: Anna Deak, Ján Bača
Kamera: Anna Deak
Strih: Petra Vlčková
Inštalácia na výstave 2+4: Peter Belák, Ján Bača
Hudba: Bajofondo Tango club
Účinkovali: Viktor Janata, kocúr Fero


Graphic designer specialising in Logo, Brand identity and Web Design, User Interface, Social Media Marketing and E-commerce. Passionated for creating sharp, professional, unique designs and messages with strong DIY workflow. Weaving words and images into simple narratives which talk to the right people. Never stop self–learning. Painter, Photographer and Jewellery maker in my free time.

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